About Us

JLR Website Design is a design facility specialising in website designs for private individuals, groups and small businesses.

The gallery on this website displays a number of designs that are currently in use on the Internet which have been produced by JLR Website Design. Some of these are visually-based, whilst others are text-based (for mobiles), but all use clear & consistent designs that meet current standards.

There is of course no point in reinventing the wheel, so many of these designs are based upon templates kindly provided by others & are freely available on the Internet. The expertise & generosity of those people in providing them is gratefully acknowledged. Considerable effort then goes into re-engineering the templates into the individual's requirements. This often includes adding other functions not in the original template, such as photo slider effects, graphic effects & specialist items like an online calendar.

Our design policy is to be compatible with all modern Internet browsers on all operating systems, as far as is possible without compromising the content quality. To this end, websites are now mainly coded in HTML5 & CSS3, in accordance with W3C standards.

Our websites have been tested on the Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac, IOS and Android (mobile) operating systems, using the latest versions of the following desktop & mobile browsers; Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.