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    JLR Website Design is a design facility specialising in website designs for private individuals, groups and small businesses.

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    The gallery on this website displays a number of designs that are currently in use on the Internet which have been produced by JLR Website Design. Some of these are visually-based, whilst others are text-based (for mobiles), but all use clear & consistent designs that meet current standards.

    There is of course no point in reinventing the wheel, so many of these designs are based upon templates kindly provided by others & are freely available on the Internet. The expertise & generosity of those people in providing them is gratefully acknowledged. Considerable effort then goes into re-engineering the templates into the individual's requirements. This often includes adding other functions not in the original template, such as photo slider effects, graphic effects & specialist items like an online calendar.

    The design which you are currently looking at for example, is based upon an original template provided by Template Monster, although that has now been heavily modified to create something else, in effect a pretty newish design.

  • Design Policy

    In the early days of the Internet, the majority of people accessing it were using either Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape (which was pushed out by the Gates cash machine). Since then a large number of competitive browsers have become available, such as Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari & Google Chrome. Many people prefer the security (not to mention the independence of Microsoft) by using these free open-source browsers.

    Additionally, since then the market for mobile devices to access the Internet has meant that designs now need to be more fluid and adaptable to the typically smaller screens of Apple & Android devices.

    Internet Explorer was updated to version 7 in November 2006, to version 8 in May 2009, version 9 in March 2011, version 10 in October 2012 and version 11 in October 2013. Most personal IE users now have one of these versions as part of the Microsoft Windows automatic updating process.

    Our design policy is to be compatible with all modern Internet browsers on all operating systems, as far as is possible without compromising the content quality. To this end, websites are now mainly coded in HTML5 & CSS3, in accordance with W3C standards.

    Our websites have been tested on the Windows, Linux (Ubuntu), Mac, IOS and Android (mobile) operating systems, using the latest versions of the following desktop & mobile browsers; Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

  • How it all started

    After retirement in 2005, I was looking forward to spending time concentrating on my genealogical researches. Part of that time would be to work with cousin Bernie seeing if there was any chance of creating a website to showcase our findings & also using it to get in contact with others researching the family.

    The story of how the Reffell Family History website began, developed and prospered is documented in some depth on the website history page of the RFH website. Part of the process of the developement of that website was to create additional mini-websites concentrating on areas of specialised interest.

    This led onto a interest into producing different types of websites; visually-based, text-based for mobiles etc, as 'demonstrators' of what can be acheived on today's Internet. It was found that there were two areas which needed to be mastered; firstly the technicality of the actual webside coding itself (XHTML, HTML, CSS & PHP), and secondly the more creative side that is needed for good-looking and interesting visual design styles.